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Who We are

One Vision Kenya is working towards sustainable environmental management and conservation.

We design and implement projects in partnership with local communities in the lake basin region of Kenya, with a focus on with a focus on advocacy, environmental education, sustainable utilization and management of natural resources.

Our working model is guided by three pillars;

  • Engaging
  • Developing
  • Sustaining

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture environmentally conscious generations; stewards of nature whose actions will contribute to a healthy environment that can sustainably support livelihood and provide a better and just quality of life for all.

Our core values are centred around;
- Inclusion
- Participation
- Respect of the natural environment
- Dignity of the human person

Our Approach

We identify challenges to efficient environmental management and conservation through engagement, interaction and observation, and explore participatory ways of solving them, design, through collaboration, systems and programs that are locally appropriate and best serve to solve environmental challenges and tap into the existing green entrepreneurship opportunities and innovations, and finally advocate for meaningful engagement of right-holders by the duty-bearers, progressive and sustainable policies that uphold environmental management and conservation best practices that cushion local communities from the impact of climate change and environmental degradation.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a platform for the younger generation and their communities to continuously enhance their skills in environmental management and conservation, and support one another in maximization if their natural resources to enhance and sustain livelihood.

To be able to achieve this, we work in partnership and collaboration with individuals, community-based organization (CBOs), civil society organizations(CSOs), learning institutions, national and county governments.

Our Team

Dedicated professionals committed to safeguarding our planet's future through sustainable practices and passion for nature.

Dennis Bange

Board Treasurer

Dennis (CPA K) is a finance specialist. He is passionate about sustainable development and just transition.

Milton Oboka

Board Secretary

Milton is an environmental scientist. He is passionate about collective action towards climate justice, ecosystem restoration and sustainable peace…

Ouma Don Collins

Board Chair

Collins is a biotechnologist and social entrepreneur. He is passionate about inclusive development for all.