One Vision Kenya

Building Communities Resilient to climate change

We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and we are the last generation that can do something about it." -- Jay Inslee

We identify.

Challenges to efficient environmental management and conservation through engagement, interaction and observation, and explore ways of solving them while exploring opportunities that may further the objective.

We design.

Systems and programs that best serve to solve the challenge and tap the opportunities, with the help of a team of able project designers. Every project is developed with keen interest on productivity and sustainability.

We Advocate.

For meaningful, progressive and sustainable policies that uphold environmental management and conservation best practice, cushion local communities from environmental exploitation while supporting them for sustainability against climate change.

Who We Are

One vision Kenya is a youth led organization that works towards environmental conservation and management.

We design and implement projects towards socio-economic development of local communities, with a focus on advocacy, environmental education, sustainable utilization and management of natural resources.

Thematic Areas

Environmental Management and Conservation

We ideate, design and develop policies, programs, and campaigns around environmental management and conservation, through partnership and collaboration with relevant stakeholders, so that individuals and organizations may understand, appreciate and be involved with management and conservation as a way of life for its benefits today and into the future.

Waste Management and Entrepreneurship.

We create models for sustainable waste management, develop and drive policies around waste management and disseminate entrepreneurial skills through which young people may generate income through environmental management and conservation-based enterprises.


Through training and mentorship, we purpose to nurture a generation of young leaders who will be nature stewards and whose ideas and actions will further environmental management and conservation in their communities.


We run environmental management and conservation projects, in collaboration, partnership, and cooperation with local communities and government institutions.

Greening the mind

Greening the Mind (GTM) nurtures nature stewards in building community resilience to climate change. The program promotes sustainable environmental practices through capacity building in schools and communities. It works to enhance the participation of school-going children and youth in environmental restoration. This is to enhance nutrition security in the working regions while providing them with alternative economic opportunities. With a focus on local communities, GTM provides a platform for environmental advocacy and for farmers to benefit from environmental education and learn values, skills, behaviors and lifestyles that can lead to job creation, improve food security and contribute to environmental sustainability.

Regreening Africa

Managed by World Agroforestry, implemented by its local partners, Regreening Africa aims to reverse land degradation on 1 million hectares across 8 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. The program aims to improve livelihoods, food security and climate resilience of local households by restoring ecosystem services, particularly through agroforestry. Our work involves the deliberate and systematic integration of trees, crops and livestock—all critical elements for the sustainable management of land and maintenance of healthy landscapes.


In partnership with Sustainable Energy Denmark, the Devolution and Climate Change Action (DaCCA) program aim to ensure vulnerable populations in Kisumu, Homa Bay and Migori counties that are at risk of natural hazards caused by climate change are increasingly supported by policies and components funded by devolution and climate change funds. It focuses on best practice models for upscaling, replication, and funding from County authorities. We provide communities with training and insights in the hearing process and support the compilation of Community Adaptation Action Plans to be presented for the county at Ward and County levels.

Our Mission

To build build environmentally resilient communities by raising consciousness, taking action and developing the capacity of local communities to sustain and manage the environment for better livelihood.

Our Vision

To equip young Kenyans with skills and knowledge to become stewards of nature and engage in actions geared towards improving community livelihoods and environmental sustainability.


To include people of all ages in resilience-building against climate change.

Other Involvements

One Vision Kenya has been involved with many local and international initiatives in environmental management and conservation. It has taken lead in championing for environmental conservation and management, and education through partnerships and collaboration with other organization, both governmental and non-governmental, for the purposes of realizing the objectives of the organization.

We work with local, regional and international partners to create impact.

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Our Team

The organization is led by a team of exceptional young people who have dedicated their time and talents to serve their communities.

Ouma Don Collins

Founder and Chairman, Board of Trustees

Milton Oboka

Co-founder and Executive Director

Nancy Ng’ong’a

Finance and Administration

Dennis Bange

Board Treasurer


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