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Young minds are vibrant with innovations, with new ideas that come up everyday. But where does innovation and ideas meet business?

Leaders in business know the junction between business and innovation and that is how this world is developed. One Vision Kenya links up ideas to investors, but, do we know our intellectual property rights, patenting rights? How do we protect our ideas and innovations before we take them to the market? These are pertinent issues that every young thinker and innovator should put into consideration when exploring the ideas.

One Vision Kenya carried out an intellectual property rights workshop for its members and more, to shed light on rights of patency and intellectual property rights, in a workshop dabbed “CONVERTING IDEAS INTO VALUE”


Members of One Vision Kenya are leaders in different capacities and take part in different activities to impact change in many different ways. Mmera Maxwel is a finalist in the last idea trophy competition of the Uniliver Company for future Leaders and thus has continuous engagements with the company. On 11th March, he hosted the human resource vice president of the Africa Division, Metchel Chetty for a future leaders’ workshop.


ONE VISION KENYA YOUTH SOCIETY is a society of young leaders, whose enthusiasm and resolution, is founded upon true leadership and its dissemination, through the youth, by the youth, in all spheres of development, to raise the bar, and set a desirable standard for individual and Societal growth, for the sake of an accelerated and inclusion development.

Its quest and push for collective involvement in development as a collective description of all factors enshrined therein, is subject to the fact that change can only happen through direct and collective involvement of each individual, both in decision making and taking of actions, subject to liberty and inclusion.

This can be done through teaching leadership, taking up leadership by every individual in every level of involvement, and using this leadership as a tool to enhancement of the broad understanding of development. This directly involves taking action to realization of such desired development; making it happen.


In reference to today’s statistics, the youth form the largest ratio of world’s population and this is true to Kenya. They constitute the most powerful, the most generative, the most vigorous part of the population. The potential within this ratio is immeasurable, and if well channelled, the blast is unstoppable.

However though, this potential has been subconsciously channelled to spheres that undermine the true meaning of humanity, some gone unnoticed and wasted while some, unrealized.

It is in the eyes of this, that ONE VISION KENYA YOUTH SOCIETY has seen it fit, to provide a platform to open up the youth to other world’s thoughts, life and standards, to realization and practice of good leadership, social entrepreneurship, social ethics and responsibility and foster the need of education while at the same time fastening the doctrines of unity, appreciation of our diversity and progressive thinking that shall form the basis of elimination of negative ethnicity that has for so long been a log in the eyes of individual and national development.


  1. Teach and encourage good leadership skills among the youth, in order to see a high standard of leadership in all fields in the society, for development.
  2. Change and set a high standard of leadership in all sectors of personal and societal growth.
  3. Eliminate negative ethnicity through the youth.
  4. Open up the youth to other worlds’ thoughts, life and standards, to information and opportunities and set them to the pace of world’s development.
  5. Foster peace, unity and mutual understanding, appreciation of our diversity and take its advantage to development.
  6. Set a platform for idea generation, policy formulation, and realization of such ideas and policies, in a manner that is beneficial to the whole society.
  7. Create an arena for discussion of issues concerning the youth in the political, economic, social and developmental sectors, and seek rational solutions.
  8. Foster social ethics, responsibility in rights to which we are entitled and progressive thinking among the youth.
  9. Create and maintain a youth network, through which ideas and information shall be dispatched, and relations with resourceful persons and institutions created and sustained for the better.


To set a high standard of self and social consciousness, in all spheres of human development.


To, by the youth, allow Kenya and Africa to their rightful standard of development, through collective involvement.

From the Executive Director

In Kenya and in Africa, leadership is a crisis, and this has been the main cause of our underdevelopment for long enough. It is only bold that we ceased living in denial. This has in a huge part, been because we leave it to be done by the authorities, what ought to be done by us, the citizens.

It is only sane that we ceased this norm, picked ourselves up, dusted ourselves off and took bold steps in driving our nations to their rightful positions in political, economic and social standards. Instead of waiting upon our nations to do something for us, let us go out and do something for our nations, in both big and small ways, and at the end, we can sit back and enjoy the vibrancy of a growing nation, the fruit of our sweat. Even a mad man is remembered of cleaning the market place however much out of senses. Of what good shall you be remembered after you depart? The responsibility of making this world a better place lies solely on us, the citizens, in the word we speak, in the decisions we make, in the intentions we hold, in the actions we take, to live to the standards to which we accord maximum enthusiasm. If we live by the normal, we shall definitely stay in the normal. But if we live for the higher, there is no doubt in rising every day. There is no any other time, the time is now.


Ms. Amani is an open minded, dynamic ambitious young lady with an optimistic view about life. She has a diverse background and experience in environmental quality management systems inclusive of conducting Environmental Impact assessments and Audits, conservation and advocacy efforts for environmental protection. Through such a background she has developed a mature and responsible approach to any task that she undertakes, or situation she is presented with. In addition she loves travelling, meeting new people and making the most out of new challenges or situations, all in an effort of making a meaningful difference to society.

Amani’s passion for a change in society and service to humanity has seen her participate in a number of voluntary services, key to this her successful 3 – month volunteer program in Loitoktok with VSO-ICS: Securing livelihoods through community development projects, ranging from health, agriculture and youth empowerment & mentorship programs. This saw her further her passion in helping better the lives of the seemingly marginalized areas. Through this she was able to demonstrate her environmental knowledge through environmental awareness initiatives.

One of her outstanding acts on environmental agenda, during World Environment Day 2014 while on her internship at NEMA Kilifi she wrote an article on the theme “Raise your Voice not the Sea Level”; which was featured in 4th June 2014 Daily Nation. It was about raising awareness about Ngomeni in Kilifi County faced with adverse impacts of global warming.

She now serves as the Finance Secretary for One Vision Youth Society, and one of the pioneer members.


Young and vibrant, Abuta Ogeto, has made Key note présentations before magnitudes that has seen him curve his niche as a gifted and impacting speaker. He has spoken before University Congregations, Schools, Conferences, Trainings and International AISEC delegates : which was just among the latest of his conference engagements. He began speaking while a student at Kenyatta University.

He’s widely travelled locally and on regional assignments that has since seen him delve into the speaking, writing and consultancy landscape quite well.

He was the youngest speaker at the 4th AISEC international conference that was held at the Multmedia University in November 2013 and August 2014 among CEOs and top government officials.

He was also the youngest in the list of speakers at the Kenyatta University Career Week programme in November 2013 and 2014, tackling a topic dubbed Rising Above the National Academic Average.

Abuta won the 2013 Journalism Technology Award just eight months after being picked from campus to write for Standard Group’s The Nairobian newspaper, and has since been nominated for the David Astor Journalism Awards in London for budding African Print Journalists.

In a span of fifteen months, he has traversed the journalism landscape rising from a rookie journalist to a competent writer whose articles have been published by local Media houses and other project reports.

He organised, with the help of the Actuarial Science Club, the largest Mathematics Modelling Conference in Kenya in 2013 November that attracted participants from 16 Kenyan Universities and three from other East Africa countries.

He has spoken to thousands of students, a number of corporates and several professionals in trainings, motivational talks, personal development forums and consultancy engagements.

Abuta has authored four motivational books (Recipe for Success and Are You Programmed to Win ?, Audacity of True Greatness, Beauty from Ashes) and is currently finalising on his third one which will be published by mid next year.

Abuta has been involved in writing of proposals, company profiles, developing training packages and Team building activities which have increased his competence over time.

He is the founder of The Ignition Talks -through which university students mentor those in high schools and perform give-back-to-society initiatives (clean ups, orphanage visits and free civic education on relevant emerging issues).


Maxwell Mmera is a liberal minded young intellect with great passion for leadership and social entrepreneurship, with an aim to make the society better and progressive. He has pursued Industrial Chemistry with Management degree at Kenyatta University, and despite his academic prowess gels as an all-round person. Besides leadership he emcees events, participates in Charity Initiatives, Organizing and Emceeing events, Motivational Speaker and ardent Soccer Lover. He is well known for his servant leadership, oratory skills, debating and idea generation.

He has served as a Congressman at Kenyatta University School of Pure & Applied Sciences, where he was lauded for outstanding organizing and leadership skills in transforming the school, through different initiatives. Prior to that, he had served as an Organizing Secretary for KUSIAC, Vice President of SACOKUSA and Public Relations Executive at The Writers Guild. In High School he served as Academic Secretary, and finally as School Captain and Chairperson for Debate Club. All this has seen him grow in leadership.

Because of his Organizing Skills and Eloquence, he has organized and emceed events including Recruitment Drives for Unilever, Vivo Energy, Safal Group of Companies, Rift valley Railways, PriceWaterhouse Coopers, Deloitte and Kama Kazi among other organizations. Through this he mustered and exhibited Social Media Marketing Skills and Teamwork.

He worked as a Fieldwork Market Research Assistant for Nielsen Company between 2010 and 2013. He also organized and participated in a number of Charity Activities that included Visiting Children’s homes, Home for the Elderly, Red Cross Cleaning, and giving talks to Mashimoni Investment Group.

Currently he serves as the Deputy Director for One Vision Youth Society, Partner in Sharppro Solutions Services, HECC and Hexsupp Supplies Ltd.


MClinton is a strategic analyst. His fault finding techniques has widened his scope in positive criticism that has enabled streamlining of major strategies and plans in his work. He is a researcher and an analyst.

A linguist and literal professional, he is a translator and an interpreter, majorly in English and French. His great command of both languages makes him a great debater and orator. Having grown in leadership and motivation, he inspires many, especially in matters concerning our daily livelihood.

Clinton is a great team leader. His organization skills are attributed to his great success in three organizations with which he has worked with in the future. His passion to human welfare drives his works and intention towards continuous engagements and growth.


Erick Opon is a language specialist. His love for linguistics and professionalism proceeds his engagements in literal works. Apart from working in collaboration with the Department of Foreign Languages of Kenyatta University, Eric is a translator and interpreter, majoring in English and French works. He is a close associate of the French Embassy with whom he closely works. He has adjudicated French poems in schools and colleges for more than three years. Further, he is a tutor of French and English.

His proficiency and command of language can explain why he is highly preferred as a professional MC. he has hosted international ceremonies for the French embassy and Kenyatta University among several other occasions where his service has been greatly appreciated. Event organizing and creative writing were born together with him.

Opon is a person with strong, proven leadership qualities. His commitment to changing the future has seen him orchestrate initiatives towards changing individuals’ mindset towards a greater future. His ideals are also reflected and pushed through his published poetry and through his tuition to young literature enthusiasts


Muema Muchema is a vibrant, self-motivated and highly ambitious young man, who is passionate about life. A graduate of Kenyatta University and holder of Bsc. Biotechnology degree, Muchema is a lover of books and derives much pleasure from reading constructive literature. He is also passionate about impacting positive change in the community, as evidenced by the variety of engagements he has had with the community, namely mentorships, visitation of children homes and homes of the less privileged, active participation in Kenya Red Cross at the university and national levels, and active role in One Vision Kenya, a youth and community oriented society of visionary young men and women

Besides, Muchema is an ardent freelance writer, web content creator and research assistant, having been in the practice since 2012, during which he has created thousands of web articles, search engine optimization pieces, and research projects templates for academic purposes.

Notably, Muchema actively participated during a worship named Counseling, Relationships/Reproductive Health, and Entrepreneurship Workshop (CREW); held at Nazarene University in Rongai, and organized by the Kenya Education Fund in 2013 –where he was a Youth Mentor. He has also participated in volunteer activities, specifically with Kenya Red Cross.

Muchema is also the founder of a new blog: My blog, a blog which cuts across all audiences and addresses daily issues that humankind stumble upon in life. It is an informative and sometimes light-noted blog.

Muchema currently serves as the Secretary General, One Vision Kenya; and looks to make the world a better place for all of us.


Enthusiasm and professionalism is what drives his way through spheres that could be described as beyond his age. Growing through leadership since early age, heading the Kenyatta University Chapter of the Kenya Red Cross for two year into recorded great milestones, Ouma Collins has grown into a leader to be admired.

As a thinker and a strategist, he has planned and seen into creation of several initiatives and organizations, far from his line of career, but much in line with people’s needs. He is the Director of Quality control at Hexsupp Suppliers Limited, one of the four Executive Directors and Founders of Higher Education and Career Consultancy, and the Executive Director and Co-founder of One Vision Kenya. Ouma Collins is also a strategic advisor to the Labor Party of Kenya and to the Action 2015 National Coalition of Kenya. His thinking is widely portrayed through his poetry, and his co-orchestration on the Moonlight Meet of Poets has seen to growing of talented poets and exploration of poetry. Through his great debating and public speaking skills, Ouma Collins has seen into implementation of policies in public administration. His expertise as a scientist in Biotechnology might not apply.

Passionate and enthusiastic about Business, Willy Matsiri has delved into various areas of business driven by a continuous urge to find new entrepreneurship opportunities. He derives motivation from the desire to nurture his own entrepreneurship spirit as well as help challenge those around him to identify and capitalize on the hidden business opportunities in their vicinity. This is one of the reasons why he chose Business School at Kenyatta University.

Over the years, he has honed another one of his many skills – writing. Willy is a vehement Blogger, a wonderful communicator and full of mind boggling ideas. He is a free spirit when it comes to writing and many websites have benefited from his freelance blogging services.

Above all, he grabs on every opportunity of helping the youth that comes his way. Being quite young himself, he believes that it is the mentoring of the special people in his life; that has enabled him grow into the person he is today. He in turn would like to return the favor and as a result has initiated the formation of a counseling group that is going to offer life skills to young people.


Lenah Macharia is an enthusiastic, vibrant and ambitious young lady, who is passionate about leadership. Currently (2015) a second year student at Kenyatta University pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Agricultural Resource Management, her entrepreneurial and leadership skills have been evident in many instances, notably in her leadership in One Vision Kenya.

Miss Macharia is an avid reader of business magazines and articles; possesses strong interpersonal and communication skills; and is an outstanding team leader and worker. She derives lots of motivation and satisfaction in giving back to the community, as evidenced by the many community and social work initiatives she has initiated and undertaken to this – visiting and helping the needy, volunteering with Kenya Red Cross and as private groups, and actively participating in mentorship programs for the young.

Ms. Macharia currently serves as the Director of the Business and Entrepreneurship Directorate in One Vision Kenya, and looks to make OV an even more vibrant and resourceful organization.


Mr. Oboka is an environmentalist by passion and by profession. He finds great passion in environmental conservation and preservation. His passion has been translated into many environmental initiatives that he has spearheaded.

His prowess in strategic management has furthered the objectives of several environmental organizations including NEMA (Kenya) and the Ministry of Environment.

Milton is a great leader. Having a long experience in leadership, many projects have been undertaken under him with great success, and currently, Greening the Mind Project. He is a liaison master, capable of striking the hardest deals. Cool, quiet and simple, Milton is a role model to many.



In any society, development is a wide concept, which captures all area of human influence and involvement. The manner and level of development is attributed to human interaction to the basic foundations of development; Environment, Leadership, Politics and Business. The manner of control of these four factors, as believed by One Vision Kenya Youth Society, dictates whether or not, development can be realised in any society.

When the politics on a society, through legislations and policies, drive a society in way that ensures a healthy, peaceful, inclusive and habitable environment, leadership shall thrive, Leadership which shall show the way to exploration of resources and opportunities within that society. The subconscious push of free will thus allows different manners of interaction that enables development in that society. This is, when we look at it at the political angle.

This same view, however, will not be different when the angle is changed to either from the business, leadership or environment perspective.

Majority of world’s population is composed of the youth. They, in addition, constitute the most active and the most powerful section of the human population.

However, their potential remains untapped, their ideas wrinkle with them to old age and they languish in an aura of despondency which has always set them to dependency.

ONE VISION KENYA YOUTH SOCIETY acknowledges the energy within the youth and is determined, through the youth and youth involvement, to explore the potential in the youths, through different manners of interaction, in order to set our nations to the highest levels of development.

This society of young leaders, in addition, explores ideas from such creative and brilliant young men and women, which are geared towards development of oneself and others.



The department of Environment concerns itself with matters of the environment and exploring the environment to better lives of people around us. We take leadership in environmental sustainability and exploration to secure a great future for all.

Currently, we are running the Greening the Mind Program (GTM)

We live in a century where environmental pressures such as global warming, ozone depletion, pollution, climate change, overexploitation of natural resources, altered land use and loss of biodiversity – coincide with a growing world population that needs food and an acceptable standard of living. The complex nature of these environmental problems can be best understood and addressed through studies that cross traditional academic disciplinary boundaries. This applies to studies of both global-scale processes as well as those that occur at the local level.

Africa as a continent is the worst hit due to climate change as most of her population depend on ecosystem services as a source of their livelihood. Agriculture in Kenya is rain-fed and 80% of the economy depends on it. Over 70% of the rural population depends on wood fuel as a source of energy and have no access to safe drinking water.

Environmental Education as tool for enhancing the attainment of sustainable development was acknowledged by the world leaders during the Earth Summit of 1992in Rio De Janairo. Greening the Mind (GTM) is a programme aiming at promoting environmental education, awareness creation, sensitizations and advocacy in learning institutions and at the community level. To achieve its objective, GTM embraces the role of Environmental Clubs in schools.

The organization works with schools to form active clubs which could give pupils/ students a platform to be engaged in environmental conservation activities, awareness creation and sensitization both in schools and at the community level. Through the ” Bottom-up” approach of solving environmental issues, the programme aims to bring about actions that will lead to environmentally conscious generation and society, stewards of nature, and whose actions will contribute to a clean and healthy environment which can sustainably support livelihoods , lead to better quality of life and just society for all.



ONE VISION KENYA welcomes partners from all avenues of leadership and development. This society is eager and ready to partner with any individual, institution, society or organization in any program or activity that involves leadership and development.

Feel free to interact with us;


Membership to this society is open to every like-minded individual, who bears the same enthusiasm and vision of ONE VISION KENYA. Full registration is subject to conformation to registration requirements.

DONORS: To give/ Contribute


Many young men and women have brilliant ideas that can help shape the society in a major way. Some are ideas that could help cut down unemployment in a major way. Of the major constraints which curtail young people to realize such dreams and ambitions, are finances and technical know-how.

ONE VISION KENYA therefore, provides an avenue for developing such ideas to maturity, inviting investors to such ideas and thus a hub of ideas for development.



In rural parts of Kenya, development is low and poverty rates high. This situation is in a major way, caused by lack of necessary information and involvements which create an environment for development. It is in the face of this, that this society has found it necessary to develop a way through which inclusive development is enabled, so that every individual, especially in the local settings, has an equal opportunity to better their lives.


Poverty level in Kenya is a major concern especially in the rural areas. The poverty gap between the stable and the financially unstable is in a major part contributed by lack of information and the skills to translate information into practice.

Project Description

The Information and Demonstration Centre functions to disseminate information to the local populations. This information is of diverse nature, ranging from agriculture, entrepreneurship, information technology to leadership. With the purpose of growing such folks wholesomely, information provided is all round. This information is passed through disseminated to groups, individuals and to social institutions.

Apart from dissemination of such information, the center demonstrates workability of such information provided for the sake of easy adaptation.

Dissemination of such information is through:

  1. Seminars
  2. Workshops
  3. Demonstrations



This is a program under the department of Literature. It is a conglomeration of poets and citers, poetry enthusiasts. This society of poets brings together poetry writers, reciters and enthusiasts, in a bid to explore the art of poetry, explore the economic aspect of poetry and use poetry as a tool to foster good leadership to the people and emphasize on values that spearhead development

Any of the above mentioned persons could join the MOONLIGHT MEET OF POETS and enjoy the exploration of poetry.

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This is a program of the department of Environment.

Kenya has many players in environmental matters most of whom are not adequately trained in environmental education. There is need for professionals who can actively participate in the promotion of environmental sustainable practices. Schools within the country lack environmental clubs which could give pupils and students a platform to be actively involved in matters of the environment and nurture their leadership skills in it. There is low environmental education, sensitization and advocacy in schools and at community level due to ineffective integration of environmental education into our education system. Most schools lack environmental policies which could provide guidelines on effective and efficient environmental management practices. Ineffective leadership and mentorship programs on environmental issues, has produce people with low awareness on environmental concerns.

This program, therefore, bridges the gap on environmental education, right from the young boys and girls in primary schools, so that the culture of environmental concern is in-grown. In addition, this program stretches out to communities, to address the present concerns.

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This is a program of the Department of Leadership and Leadership development, specifically made for tertiary institutions. However, this program is gaining ground beyond the boundaries of tertiary institutions into leadership in governmental institutions.

We cannot under estimate the value and need of information in positive correlation, in development and in peaceful co-existence in any society. An all round healthy population is founded upon proper communication and nothing less of it.

There is dire need, therefore, to embrace dialogue in conflict resolution, opportunity dissemination and propagation of positive change, to get to the standard of development we all desire to achieve. We have to create and nurture the culture of dialogue in all facets of social, economic and leadership concern, and make an identity for our respective tertiary institutions.

THE DIALOGUE is a talk forum, where students are able to interact and exchange ideas of different respects, of educational, social and leadership concern.

This forum provides a platform for interaction between student governance and other students, where emerging issues are discussed, pressing issues elucidated, concerns raised and ideas exchanged.

It is also an opportunity for close interaction between the students and the administration personnel in all aspects that confer exchange of opinion and dissemination of information.

It is also an opportunity for close interaction between the students and the administration personnel in all aspects that confer exchange of opinion and dissemination of information.

Furthermore, invitation of speakers and persons of eminence, through THE DIALOGUE, goes a long way in motivation, expansion of opportunities, networking and gaining leadership skills.

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Today, the youth contribute the largest share to the population of Kenya. They are the most affected in terms of unemployment, yet youth employment comes round to haunt the whole nation. Many young men and women graduates graduate from universities all over Kenya. However, the existing labour market is not accommodative enough to this large population. Moreover, this concern is in a major part to the unschooled part of the youth population.

The first ONE VISION KENYA CONFERENCE ON YOUTH EMLOYMENT, with the theme Employing Alternatives, will have a sole objective of opening up different opportunities for the youth, both schooled and unschooled, to different opportunities of engagement, as a way of alternative employment.

This conference shall just be first among many, where different people, making a living away from formal employment, get to share with the young minds and act as mentors to those who would wish to trudge the same course.

This conference shall also bring on board investors, corporate and government institutions to discuss mechanisms of funding and expanding the idea of employing alternatives.

This conference shall take place in June 2015 in Nairobi Kenya.

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This shall be a National Student Leaders Conference, which shall address the concern of unrest in tertiary institution in Kenya, and instill alternative to violence, through teaching, practice and mastery of the art of negotiation. This conference shall take place in May



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